Sub Your Culture LP 2016

by Scandalous Deed

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Of course you can order right here through bandcamp, but you can also mail us and we don't need to pay fees to bandcamp

Selbstverständlich kannst du hier ganz einfach über Bandcamp bestellen! Du kannst uns aber auch eine Mail schreiben, damit wir keine hohen Gebühren an Bandcamp zahlen müssen!


released April 15, 2016



all rights reserved


Scandalous Deed Leipzig, Germany

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Track Name: Far away
when you’re caught up in the show - no ways to leave and let life go
you’re heading compelled here and there – caught in landslides everywhere
there’s just a need to get away and there is nothing more to say
time to go a damn new way

being far away is freeing – find your resolution
redelivering your mind - your leaving everything behind, and now
trash your broken pieces - because you never built on ruins and now
rediscover liberty – don’t life in anxiety

some broken pictures of the past – reveal the fact that nothing lasts
I denied your hand to understand - that life is not a one-way road
it’s easy come and easy go – you denied you’re life and let it go
looking at your mortal remains
Track Name: Borderline
letters of death and sorrow incessantly follow
all the thoughts about fears of tomorrow -
feeling lost, feeling scared that the own ash one shared
get swept away, nobody cares –
screaming in your mind where one can only find
lunatic leftovers that the past left behind -
it makes you realize not to compromise
that all the things you despise are life’s bloody lies

‘caus you gotta know the rules if you wanna win life’s games
but always when trying to cope you’re dying in these flames -
living right up in the clouds, looking for no bloody answers
being dragged back to the ground, sorrow flowing through like cancer

feelin’ forsaken and mistaken
when you’ve taken tries to stop this achin’ -
always having whack thoughts in your mind
to leave that shit behind -
people walking, talking when you’re keeping still
always the same, darkness it makes you ill -
feeling not free, still not able to see
that such a damage is not the key

I don’t give a shit about these rules if it always works the same
cause my message to life – you're dying in these flames
Track Name: Back to the light
Air tastes bitter, almost like death, river of life now gets red
a helpless cry, then I get into it endless agony, step by step
where does it lead me, where does it end just the darkness of night in my mind
I try to swim, back to the light whatever I do, endless fight

cold as steel, like the way i feel empty eyes staring at me
voices sending shivers down my spine i turn around and get a fright
smell of death fills the air and i need to go right there
a place where all my dead friends will wait to welcome me

I feel the numb inside my mind
freewheeling days are left behind
life goes its way with all decay
was tired of fighting and lost my way
times of jauntiness in shadows
lingering in the depth or foretime
I try to find back to the light

the scars of my heart
mean I tried for nothing

my dream keeps me alive
reality tortures me to death
the river takes me to the sea of the damned
where all the stillborn souls arrive
Track Name: Blast from the past
so I’ve never had such a feeling before
your sudden change of mind had to make me shut the door,
I was almost verging on tears, but I kept strong
and now I’m glad that I moved on
thinking of you now is like a blast from the past
and I never want this close encounter to last
I’m not fooled by your appearance anymore
knowing better what life is for

I said goodbye to this delusion
finding a brilliant solution
I am far away from you
and that’s the best thing we can do

I'm standing on the sidewalk and I know
when I'm driving here beside you I just wouldn't give a damn old blow
I'm standing on the sidewalk and you just will not say hello
when I'm driving here beside you I would never give damn old blow
Track Name: Burning buildings
burning buildings down the street
the air glows bright, smoke I breath
desperate cries are screaming loud
I can hear the siren sound
hate's rising from the balded people
the right arm up and angry shouts
the hail to their fucking leader
with brown brains switched out

burned and abused cause of their skin
that’s the way they think to win
dump aggression, stupid fears
creating violent atmospheres

propagandha is your tool
with your army full of fools
doing speeches against strangers
founded by your mindless anger
intimidation, your only weapon
blinded by hate, bad education
no learning from history
causes your stupidity
Track Name: Let me out
when you’re knowing what this world’s about and can‘t stop screaming let me out
when you’re feeling sore, don’t wanna play this stupid game no more
open up your mind and let whatever thoughts step deep inside
there’s no escape from reality it’s easy to build up a fantasy

take away the pressure live your desire there is no smoke without fire
It’s how to take your life tonight I'm sure you've been allright (there is no smoke without fire)
Track Name: Freitag Nacht
ich sitze an der bar, starre in mein glas
schlechte sprüche, keiner lacht
gepaffte kippen, feuchte lippen, eine freitag nacht
rauch in den augen, teer in der lunge
leere gläser, leere gesichter
halbwahrheiten aus feuchten kehlen dürfen auch nicht fehlen

ein leben an der bar, du denkst hier werden träume wahr
aber du vergisst, dass du nüchtern einsam bist
deine seifenblase platzt, wenn du am nächsten tag erwachst
dein spiegelbild sich dreht und die erinnerung dir fehlt

der geist ist voll, die taschen halbleer
auf höhenflug eingestellt
mit frauen sprechen, mit freunden brechen, scheinbar heile welt
Interesse geheuchelt, verlangen gestillt
bis der nächste morgen graut
die augen gehen auf, der kopf zur seite, der einsamkeit vertraut
Track Name: Darker getting days
sitting at the edge of your bed thinking about life and you get sad
pain is the only thing that’s real nobody understands the way you feel
glassy eyes and pale white skin in this foreloom life you can’t win
you don’t understand your own feelings emptiness is filling your day
lying on the the floor with a closed up door cold hands are touching your inner war
feeling a heart beating fast close the eyes and hope to sleep
hurt yourself in many ways try to numb against the pain
open your eyes and feel the truth nothing else could save your soul

darker getting days no one to embrace
living a bad life people in disguise
surrender to the pain only oneself to blame
empty heart and empty eyes no one hears the cries

you don’t want to look in the mirror you don’t want to see the scars again
your life’s falling into pieces with the knife in your hand, you wanna shut the door
not knowing how you got this far tears are dropping off your face
empty phrases from a friend mean nothing in your empty life
there could be another day than this a life with joy and happiness
screaming in dark rooms looking for salvation to come soon
self-drowning in your lonely thoughts looking for answers in your past
don’t feeling love for anything looking at the gashes in your skin
Track Name: Scandal
war because of politics – childwork in chinese fabriques
right-fucking winged society – showed people the wrong place to be
sitting in your boring rooms – enjoying Sunday afternoon
your children steppin' in the desert of joy – whilst others never get a toy
never thought you’ll see the day - when your life’s also fading away
the fact time’s running out for us all
say no say no

it’s a scandal - but dreams are still alive
it’s a scandal - we stand up and fight
it’s a scandal - together we are strong
it’s a scandal - now we stop the lies – fire is burning in my eyes

it's not easy knowing where to start - when the whole world tears itself apart
we might as well be deaf and blind – only succeeding in being unkind
the only thing we’ll leave behind – are generations of people who find
their broken bones and broken hearts - broken words and broken glass
what is there more to say - all the mistakes must be faced today
it seems that we've all got our backs against the wall
say no say no

candle of life is burning down, we don't need to tell what's going on
you know the truth but you are not able to stop the lies
we had a chance to hope for better days, darkness of mankind still has begun
murder, lies, distrust, betrayal – no we had no future at all
Track Name: The reason
sadness - destroying life
darkness - every day
wanted to hear - your voice again
wanted to feel it - like a sin
and I didn’t know what to do
all I knew is I just hadn’t got a clue

you can say what you want
I know the reason will tell your truth
it just can’t be denied
I know the reason will tell your truth

aimless - I walked around
everything was full with your drugs
I couldn’t take it anymore - I shot the door
couldn’t hear it all over again
and I didn’t know what to do
all I knew is I just hadn’t got a clue